We are facing an unstoppable climate crisis due to the harm we are doing to our planet.

Rising temperatures are the direct cause of extreme weather conditions, environmental degradation, loss of flora and fauna, increasing inequalities...

We can’t go on in this way, we can’t keep releasing millions of tonnes of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, generating monstrous amounts of waste, deforesting forests and melting ice in the polar regions.

At OLORS we are aware that we have a long way to go to generate a minimum impact to the environment but we are constantly evolving to improve in this aspect. Respect for nature, people and animals is a priority and that is why we have taken the following decisions:

We work with local and national suppliers

Whenever possible, to reduce CO2 emissions and support the local economy. All our suppliers have green certifications that guarantee a sustainable manufacturing.

Both candle and fragrance production takes place in Barcelona

We are committed to the use of soy wax instead of animal beeswax or petroleum-derived paraffins. Furthermore, our candle manufacturer uses responsibly produced soybeans by supporting the Round Table on Responsible Soy Association (RTRS), a global non-profit organization that promotes responsible soybean production, trade, and use. All of our perfumes are vegan, and therefore, they do not contain any ingredients from animal origin or derivative.



Made of 90% recycled cardboard. The printing process is done with water-based ink, an ink made of soy or other vegetables instead of petroleum. The boxes are 100% recyclable and reusable.


Made of 100% recycled kraft paper and it is fully recyclable.

Organic cotton bag

100% natural, organic and compostable cotton, made in Elche, Spain. The cord is made from regenerated cotton.


Made from recycled ecological paper that comes from sustainably managed forests for the benefit of communities, wildlife and the environment.