OLORS is a Catalan word that means “smells” and it is a brand dedicated to elevate the perfume and the sense of smell through candles.

Our aim is to offer a unique olfactory experience and that is the reason why we give a huge importance to the creative process and creative freedom.

We have the mission to tell our story in a distinctive and different way, making each person enjoy every smell and nuance, creating a unique sensory bond.

Our values



This project was born from the need to express ourselves freely through what we love to do: perfumery and communication. We strongly believe that creativity is what makes us unique and free. It is the key of who we are, of our essence.


Mediterranean character

We are people who love our identity that defines our lifestyle. We like the sun, the sea, having a vermoth with olives, good food and why not say it, a good nap is always a good idea.


Made in Barcelona

At OLORS we try to work with local and national suppliers in order to offer quality products and be consistent with the values that define us.



We are not perfect and we are aware that we have a long way to go, but we are constantly evolving to improve our environmental footprint.

Our boxes and shavings are made of 100% recycled cardboard, while the bag that protects the candle comes from 100% organic and compostable Spanish cotton.

We are committed to the use of vegetable soy wax and the fragrance is vegan as we reject all forms of animal abuse and exploitation.

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