Who we are

OLORS was born at the intersection of two passions, perfumery and communication, combined with the dream to create a personal project.

marina celis perfumista

"This project is a learning and a way to express myself with total freedom through my perfumes. My goal is that people enjoy my creations, to find them different and connect with the brand."

Marina Celis

The perfumer of the brand, studied Pharmacy at the University of Barcelona and then she went to Versailles, France, to study a master's degree in perfumery and cosmetics at ISIPCA school, where she learned and delved into the fascinating and complex world of perfumery. Since then, she has been working as a junior perfumer and in parallel she decided to start this personal project with his brother to create her own fragrances.

joan celis marqueting

"To me, OLORS represents a personal and professional challenge. Through this project I want to apply my knowledge and connect with consumers in a more direct, personal and transparent way."

Joan Celis

Marketing manager, studied Advertising and Public Relations at the University of Vic. Later, he specialized in Digital Marketing as one of his passions is communication and social media management.