Frequently asked questions

What kind of wax do we work with?
Soy wax. 
How long does the fragrance of a candle last?
Approximately 50 hours. 
How should I light the candle without burning me?
It is recommended to tilt it slightly to the side so as not to touch the light of the match.  
How long can I have the candle lit?
We recommend to lit the candle a maximum of 5 hours.
See the section on Usage tips
What happens if the candle I ordered arrives in bad conditions or broken? 
Send an email to with a photo and we will send a a new one or we will proceed with a refund.
Do the candles expire?
No, but they should be kept in a cool, dry place and preferably away from direct sunlight. 
Is our packaging sustainable?
We work with suppliers with green certifications that use recycled materials. See Sustainability section.
Where do we make our products?
We work mostly with local and national suppliers.